Introduction - Where Business Discovery Begins

Business Discovery is a 360-degree small business assessment tool enabling you to undertake a confidential self-assessment of your existing business structure. On completion, a detailed report will be immediately emailed to you to inspire better discussions and insights related to challenges and opportunities that exist within your business model.

So, what’s in it for you? Using this assessment tool will enable you to put your current business model into perspective, recognise areas of achievement and to identify areas you can address that may be challenging you. To make the most of the results delivered by this assessment report, we have provided automated recommendations and links to verified free online resources for you to use.

Your private information is not available or disclosed to any other parties, and we will contact you only to establish if our business mentoring service might be of added value to your business development journey. Business Mentors New Zealand is a social enterprise that has been supporting small business New Zealand for almost thirty years - your success in business is our commitment.

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